Summer 2015 Report: Call for Volunteers

Want to see your favorite Bitcoin wallet in our next privacy report? OBPP is looking for volunteers!

Following the success of our first report in May, the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project has been hard at work on producing our next report. You can see our GitHub repository for updates to our threat model. (Note: not all pull requests have been accepted as of yet, so you may need to explore outstanding forks to see the latest version.) Here’s some of the feedback we received about the report:


Our Spring 2015 report received media coverage from CoinDesk, Let’s Talk Bitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, CoinTelegraph, Inside Bitcoins, CoinReport,  Coinspeaker, News BTC, and other outlets.

The biggest complaint about our Spring report was from Bitcoin users or developers who hoped their favorite wallet would be included in the ratings. Achieving this is simple: we need more volunteers.

We will supply volunteers with a checklist they will run through in order to evaluate their assigned wallets. Technical subtleties will be addressed by reaching out directly to the wallet developers, so our volunteers will not need to be reviewing source code or performing any highly technical tasks.

Volunteers might fall under one of these categories:

  1. Wallet evaluators: These fine folks will be assigned one or more wallets (based on their availability) to evaluate with our checklist.
  2. Wallet development companies/projects: Dedicate one person to evaluate a competing wallet, and we will guarantee one volunteer to rate your wallet for inclusion in our Summer 2015 report.
  3. Double-checkers: If you don’t want to take on the responsibility of being assigned a wallet, you can still help out by verifying other’s ratings. We expect that some wallet projects will want to verify evaluation of their wallet, even if we can’t rely on those projects solely to rate their own wallets.
  4. Helpers with other stuff: We need people to help with some other non-technical tasks, such as looking up contact details for wallet developers.

If you are interested in helping out in any fashion, please send an email to contact *at-symbol*, and we’ll add you to our wallet ratings mailing list.

Our schedule for the Summer 2015 report:

  • June: Update privacy threat model (complete)
  • July: Update checklist for rating volunteers, collect volunteers and assign them to wallets
  • August Weeks 1-2: Perform ratings
    • August 3rd: Kickoff meeting in online hangout
    • August 10th: Check-in meeting to reconcile outstanding questions
    • August 14th: Ratings due
  • August 24th: Publish Summer 2015 report

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