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Announcing the 2nd Edition of our Bitcoin Wallet Privacy Rating Report

Download the report now (PDF)      Since our first report surveying user privacy in Bitcoin wallets, not much has changed for wallet providers. Thankfully, we’re seeing newcomers consistently adopt an HD architecture to help users avoid address reuse, but many

Summer 2015 Report: Call for Volunteers

Want to see your favorite Bitcoin wallet in our next privacy report? OBPP is looking for volunteers! Following the success of our first report in May, the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project has been hard at work on producing our next

Spring 2015 Wallet Privacy Rating Report

After several months of discussion and work, we created a rating criteria for Bitcoin wallets to measure their effectiveness at protecting user privacy. Our criteria considers user protections on the blockchain, protections when receiving balance information and broadcasting signed transactions,

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Bloom filter privacy and thoughts on a newer protocol

This is a mirror of an article posted by Mike Hearn on the bitcoinj mailing list, posted here for archival purposes on April 9, 2016.   Jonas Nick has written up a blog post about wire privacy in bitcoinj, observing

OBPP Meeting Minutes 2014/10/02

Attendees: Kristov Atlas (OBPP Founder) Justus Ranvier, TX (Monetas / Voting Pools) Samuel Patterson (Open Bazaar) Rafael Glenn Bolger Daniel Lucas Jose, TX MrYingo123 thomeesss Tom Washinton Sanchez (Open Bazaar)   Mintutes: