CoinJoin Sudoku

CoinJoin Sudoku is a tool that measures the privacy afforded by CoinJoin implementations. The first implementation of CoinJoin Sudoku is coinjoinsudoku-php, written by @kristovatlas.


Open Bitcoin Privacy Library (libbitpriv)

This software will be a framework for blockchain privacy analysis. The framework will be as blockchain-agnostic as possible, allowing developers to easily extend the library to analyze a range of crypto-currencies. This library will be leveraged by future projects that analyze blockchains from a privacy perspective.

Tails Linux Compatibility Tracker

This is an up-to-date list of crypto-currency software and their compatibility with the Tails Linux operating system.


Stealth Address Compatibility Tracker

This tracker is an up-to-date list of Bitcoin clients and their integration or planned integration of Stealth Address technology.


OBPP Website

We need help from web and graphic designers to maintain the OBPP website. The content of the website can be found on GitHub.