Stealth Address Tracker

Source: by Justus Ranvier

Last updated: September 27, 2014.

Bitcoin clientStatusLink to Reference
sxsupports sending and receiving
Dark Walletsupports sending and receiving
ElectrumSending support
BitcoreSending support
btcwalletinterested, no immediate plans
AirBitz"very interested", no immediate plans
MyceliumTentatively interested
Coinkite"at some point"
Armoryno official comment

About this Tracker: In order for stealth addresses to be useful, it’s necessary for Bitcoin clients to support sending funds to them, even if those clients do not support receiving funds via a stealth address. To accelerate this process, anyone who would like to see stealth addresses become a standard feature of the Bitcoin landscape should ask the developers of their wallets they use to support at least sending to stealth addresses. Since in some cases the developers may be reluctant to add this feature and may be unwilling (or unable) to explain why, asking them in a public forum is best so that their answer – or refusal to answer – is also public.


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