Tails Linux/Crypto-Currency Client Compatibility Tracker

Summary for Latest Client Versions

Bitcoin CoreCompatible :)
Dark WalletIncompatible :(
ElectrumIncompatible :(
MultibitIncompatible :(
sxIncompatible :(
Darkcoin-QtCompatible :)
Feodracoin-QtIncompatible :(


ClientCompatible?Incompatibility Status
Dark Wallet v0.1.0No (Tails 1.0)DW is a browser extension; not yet released for Firefox, only Google Chrome.
Bitcoin Core v0.9.2.1Yes (Tails 1.1.1)
Bitcoin Core v0.9.1No (Tails 1.0)Issue #3914, Issue #4042. Developers have produced working dev binary for Tails 1.0 (see e-mail).
Bitcoin Core v0.9.0No (Tails 1.0)See above.
Bitcoin Core v0.8.61Yes (Tails 0.23, 1.0)
sx 2014/04/10 buildNo (Tails 0.23)Issue #54 (issue filed by Kristov 2014/04/11)
Multibit 0.5.17No (Tails 0.23)Dependency does not support SOCKS proxies as of 2014/01/21. Stack exchange link, Issue #272
Electrum (All Versions)No, Cannot Install Dependencies (Tails 0.23) Issue #648 (issue filed by Kristov 2014/04/11, no fix planned)
Darkcoin-Qt v0.9.1.2-2-g54fd5f3-betaYes, built for Debian Squeeze (Tails 0.23)Documentation of Kristov’s request and implementation
FedoraCoin-Qt (All Versions)No, users must build for Linux (Tails 0.23)Installation Instructions, Aptitude errors generated by following instructions.

1: Bitcoin-Qt v0.8.6 is not vulnerable to the OpenSSL Heartbleed bug. Although OpenSSL is statically linked in this version of bitcoind, it uses OpenSSL v0.9.8k which pre-dates the 1.x vulnerable versions of OpenSSL.

About this Tracker: This page displays information about whether various Crypto-Currency clients can be executed within Tails Linux. This is a goal that all clients should strive for, since Tails is one of the most user-friendly and thorough ways for crypto-currency users to protect their financial privacy at the network level.

About Tails Linux: (From Wikipedia) The Amnesic Incognito Live System is a security-focused Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at preserving privacy and anonymity. All its outgoing connections are forced to go through Tor, and direct (non-anonymous) connections are blocked. The system is designed to be booted as a live DVD or live USB, and will leave no trace (digital footprint) on the machine unless explicitly told to do so. The Tor Project has provided most of the financial support for its development.


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